About Anna

Work psychologist, people enthusiast, a coach with personal power. People are what drives me. I was drawn to psychology nearly 25 years ago so that I could positively impact people’s lives.
There are plenty of professionals offering coaching services. Unlike general coaching, the work I do with my clients is in the brief solution-focused approach. It is direct, strategic and results driven. What sets me apart is the creative approach, going beyond the obvious to exceed client expectations. There’s always an answer – the key is often asking the right questions.
My way of being is caring, communicative, culturally aware. Always with humor and energy. My way of working is investigatory, sharp and incisive, suited for individuals who are committed to being the best they can be – no excuses. My clients come from a demanding corporate environment and are some of the world’s most accomplished individuals, who actively work to achieve meaningful lives. My coaching frequently goes beyond your comfort zone, yet it yields fast results for you. My feedback is clear and on point. In our journey, I expect you to work just as hard as I do for you. Also, knowing the right people helps - I have a vast network, and I believe in fostering connections for my clients where appropriate.

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Who is my coaching for?

Expert in Executive Career Management, Mid-Career Leadership Development & Career Transition my primary professional specializations is to:

  • Manage career paths of executives and business leaders through the process of exploring and making significant career changes, leadership development with particular strength in helping clients position themselves for successful advancement.
  • Provide a well-developed and benchmarked protocol for assisting executives to develop this set of leadership skills which are necessary to either grow internally or smoothly move from their current role to a new professional destination.
  • Leverage forward business mindset and international relationships established over twenty-two years in executive search business to gain visibility for clients with retained recruiters and target companies.

Please have a look at my Recent Engagements section to see if the issues raised by my clients sound familiar.

I always find the time and ways to help people. Every first working day of the month I devote time to answer questions and try to be a valuable resource on career decisions and leadership queries. Please contact office@annaschmidt.ch to schedule nonobligatory call.

Recent engagements

Typical challenges addressed in the coaching sessions.

  • I have just been promoted but I keep taking care of my operational activities instead of focusing the efforts of my new role. Mark, CFO, Multinational FMCG, Bonn.
  • I have been considered brilliant and talented but difficult to work with. What can I do? Eric, Portfolio Manager, Big 4 Consulting firm, Zurich.
  • Divorce is shattering my personal life. How can I stay performance oriented? Joseph, VP of Sales, Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company, Berlin.
  • How can I adapt my leadership to persuade new stakeholders of the required changes? Andrew, Medical Affairs, Global Technology Company, Basel.
  • I'm over 50. My company is facing a large merger. I feel uncertain about my future. How can I build my sense of job security? How can I be more resilient? Andrew, COO, Packaging Industry, Munich.
  • I need to develop emotional “credit” with my team and peers so that they trust me and would walk the extra mile when we are in new or crisis situation. Head of Corporate Communication, Fast-Growing Tech Company, Luxembourg.
  • I want to prepare my transition and review my new role and responsibility. Janine, High Potential Leadership Program, Pharmaceutical Company, Basel.
  • I feel I lack influence. My co-workers see me as too forceful, so what must I do? Margaret, VP at Private Bank, London.
  • I don’t know the business or the people yet and management is already pressuring me to give in my strategy. Where shall I start? Head of Client Service, EMEA, Global Financial Services Firm, Zurich.
  • As a leader, I am leading my company through a major change initiative. There is a lot of resistance from middle management. Help me think this through. VP Operations, Real Estate Development Firm, Toronto.
  • There is too much work. At the moment I can only take care of crisis situations. I am 52. Today, I feel tired, overwhelmed and burned out. Christopher, Plant Director, Global Cosmetic Manufacturing Firm, Warsaw.