Executive coaching pushes executives to grow professionally and personally, break down the barriers of their corporate comfort zones, and develop the skills required to take them to the next level of leadership. A coaching partnership helps executives peel back their layers of limitation. It’s within all of us that our desires, hopes, values, and beliefs lie. Tapping directly into these, a skilled coach can work with leaders to unlock understanding, focus effort and realize potential.

Every Executive will be in transition at pivotal points in their career. Are you prepared?

Career Resilience – Plan B

You can’t predict where your career path will take you but with our help you can prepare for it. We have tools that help you build your resilience by showing you behaviors, attitudes and work patterns that allow you to keep going and growing, even in difficult or uncertain times. Plan B means spotting trends and turning them into opportunities; involves limiting damage during turbulent times, absorbing hard knocks, bouncing back when the unexpected happens. It gives you a sense of stability and security. Long-term.

You are over 40. Do you love your work?

Executive in Transition

We are immensely experienced in helping professionals to explore their options, plan their approach to the job market and implement the practical steps to make it happen. Transition Coaching is for managers who found themselves on the turnaround of their professional life and would like to quickly and smoothly reestablish their career paths. Common reasons to transition yourself:

  1. Disconnection of values
  2. Lack of meaning, purpose & goal
  3. Lack of challenges
  4. Your potential is underused
  5. You are stressed and burned-out
  6. Things have changed. You strive for something new.

Your performance is important to you. Are you reaching your fullest potential?

Leadership Coaching

This individual development is for the high-class self-aware manager who wants to reinforce her/his leadership capabilities to leverage the success of themselves and their teams. My typical client is someone who strives for more: seizes the opportunity to explore what they want in life through questions, reflection, observation, curiosity, and practice. My client is already successful and desires that next level or higher competency of success for whatever s/he wants to accomplish. You are already “rocking and rolling” if you will, but you crave that next level of success and, most importantly, are open to exploring alternative options and perspectives.

Do you feel you need to accelerate in order to ascend to the C-suite?

Business Presence Coaching

Executive presence, demands a combination of finely-tuned communications skills and engagement expertise along very specific standards and guidelines. Individuals who increase their executive presence know how to assume more responsibility, seek and receive high-profile projects, and perform job functions that significantly impact the bottom line.

Being a CEO do you feel alone sometimes?

CEO needs a sounding board

Do you have tough days? Is it demanding to express yourself or understand those who work with you? Top position is an entirely isolated place to be. With my clients, I’m often engaged as a sounding board for tough decisions. It’s not that they can’t make the decisions. They are savvy, brilliant, determined individuals who didn’t get to where they are by shying away from tough calls. It’s however that in a completely confidential, safe environment they realize the benefit of having their thinking challenged and no judgment made.