Recommended Partners

We have a list of nearly 6000 trusted affiliates – organizations present around the globe that we’ve developed close working relationships with and referred clients to over the 16+ years we’ve been in business. During the process of working with us, when appropriate, we will foster a direct recommendation.

Career Partners International

Career Partners International, globally present in 55 countries, is a world third largest career management and transition firm that provides the highest level of consulting and career coaching to leaders in transition. Since 1998, CPI Poland works with professionals at all stages of their career to help formulate a career path that will allow for the expression of their talents, skills, passions, and values.

Whether in outplacement program, planned career transition or in executive coaching we offer a unique blend of psychological counseling and solution focused coaching to take our clients on a journey from soul search to job search, meaningful and fulfilling career, satisfying life.