Anna is an astute business person whom I found invigorating and stimulating. Action-oriented and results-driven. She is wise in the ways of the world, and often ‘sound & solid’ leaders reach out to her when having an important decision to make. Anna has on-the-ground, real-world experience in many different industries and knows how to explore the market to fill the needs of her clients quickly. Organizations in transition turn to her because they know they will get sage advice based on a realistic view of how the world works. If you need someone that is polished, culturally savvy, is personable and extremely well connected, Anna is definitely your ‘go to’ person.

Darius, Sales Director, International Packaging Firm


Anna has a true passion for helping people achieve their goals. She is an incredibly high energy professional with deep knowledge of what it takes to develop your leadership to its fullest potential. Her support as a coach goes beyond the commonplace motivational speech, providing very practical and useful guidance. Her availability and fast response to requests also add positive energy to push the coachee into taking action towards the goal. She is easy to converse with, yet extremely sharp when comes to investigation. Expect to work hard.

R. Jodzis, Country Director, Cofidis


I had the great honor of being coached by Anna during my term as Portfolio Manager at a large financial institution in the UK. Anna is an A+ executive coach, confident and extraordinarily competent in her profession. Anna helped me through challenges that I faced both personally and professionally, by encouraging me to find my way and trust that I have the ability to turn any situation around to something better. What lifts her above the rest is that she is an extremely positive and bright individual, who will continue to seek out ways to develop herself and the world around her. She is easy to talk to and always available when you need her to be there for you. Moreover, she is no-nonsense. She expects you to work as hard as she does for you.

Claudio C.J., Director, UBS Wealth Management


Anna has been a life saver for me. I was searching for the Sales Director for the Swiss region and I had absolutely no connections in that market. I found her contact thanks to the recommendation of our coaching partner in Montreal. When I reached out, Anna responded with more information that I could ever have dreamed of. She absolutely knows the European job market. She went out of her way to continue to provide me with referrals and insight and invaluable information. If you need someone that is friendly, personable and extremely well connected, Anna is definitely your ‘go to’ person. I highly recommend.

Liz T., Bedford, Canada